Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dirty Sites.

This is probably one of the dirtiest things I have found online - and I've seen dirty things. Hell, I've done dirty things (not online, so don't bother to search for them - but feel free to email for the details if you want...).

But this is hilariously dirty.


In fact, it's so not safe for any mixed company. Just be warned.

And take note. It is not a perfume, it is beguiling scent which is purely a substance for your own smelling pleasure.

Also I have to give them snaps for the logo mark. I LOVE that. As a designer it's awesome and perfect for what they are marketing. If only I could have that in my portfolio.

Be sure to watch the video too. It pretty much is word for word what the copy says, but the narrator is an awesome sexy German woman and the lecherous guy is way too awesome to miss. Plus the closing line of the video was such an "Ohhhh... That makes so much sense now!" for me.

Heh. I think it's actually more awesomely dirty than the Shai Sexpacking website that used hardcore porn to sell their clothing. Though that was so ridiculous that it was awesome too. Unfortunately the website is off line now, but you can see archive video from the ad agency that created it ( - just click on any of the videos on the Shai Wearing Sexpacking content. Again NSFW). Sadly - it is just a Quicktime movie of the video, and not the interactive flash format, which is really what makes it. Watching the video is pretty much just watching porn but with better music.

And yes the Shai Sexpacking site had three versions, man and woman, man and man, woman and woman. Though it's pretty obvious the woman and woman version was made by a straight guy, and not by lesbians. The women are both ultra femme.