Friday, February 22, 2008

I need to blog more.

The title says it all. Rita tagged me with a meme about posting 7 things that are Random/Weird about your significant other. Problem is everything I ended up writing about were things that all my friend (the people who might actually read this blog) already knew everything. I mean everyone knows that AJ loves Star Wars so much that he had his own special dance to the Emperor's March Theme when he was a child. Everyone that he owned a monkey when he was child as a pet. Everyone knows he used to be straight and was married. Damnit, the man is an open book.

So after I wrote half that post, I never finished it. Don't worry Rita, I'll get to it, I just have to dig a little deeper.

In the meanwhile, I have nothing witty to say. Stay tuned. I'm sure my wit will return. I hope.