Thursday, May 10, 2007


AJ is doing the AIDS LIFECYCLE ride again. I wrote about last year's ride when I first started this blog (I can't believe I actually have been blogging for a year - and have gained all of four loyal readers). Regardless I am writing this time to let everyone know BEFOREHAND so that they can help him out with donations.

He's in the midst of fundraising, and every little bit counts. You can donate money in one lump sum, or spread it out over a several payments. Keep in mind all money goes to the SAN FRANCISCO AIDS FOUNDATION or the LA GAY AND LESBIAN CENTER.

Also keep in mind that my boyfriend is going to be biking a whopping 545 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles.


545 miles. That's just crazy.

I've always been incredibly proud of him when he goes off on his ride. I have friends and coworkers who are HIV+ and the fact that AJ takes a week out of his life to ride through the state of California for them and others like them still amazes me.

In fact, all the Lifecycle bikers and roadies amaze me.

Every year he takes off, I realize how much I miss him. I do love that crazy guy.

This year is more bittersweet for me. Every year, I spend the entire week alone missing him. And then I take the Friday off at the end of the week, and drive down to meet him in Los Angeles as he rides in. This year, due to a scheduling conflict, I'll be in Atlanta for a design conference. AJ will be flying out to Atlanta to meet me, but I won't be able to experience the closing ceremony and AJ biking in. I won't see his biking friends, and I won't be able to first hand experience the love, friendship, and amazing finale of this year's AIDS LIFECYCLE.

If you are in LA and want to experience something amazing, you should check it out (the closing ceremonies are really moving and are open to the public - information is on their website).

This is AJ's 7th year doing the ride. He's raised over $25,000 alone over the course of the previous 6 years just by doing this ride. Please consider donating to his ride this year. His homepage over at the AIDS Lifecycle is here. His participation number is #4116. You can donate online, or download a PDF and snail mail it the address on the form. Just be sure to write in AJ's name and participation number (#4116).

Cheers. And thanks.

PS. The photo on the right is of AJ and his tentmate Ted. I feel very secure with AJ tenting with Ted. Ted was on security duty for Nixon (post-resignation) back in the 70's and 80's. He could kill you with his pinkie. I planning on bribing Ted into watching AJ's back by giving him a packet of dried cuttlefish (squid jerky) as a present. He requested it last year out of curiosity, but I forgot to buy some for him. AJ is not pleased about this arrangement, as he hates dried cuttlefish and thinks is stinks. I often trick him by eating some and then going for a long deep kiss with lots of tongue. AJ makes very amusing faces after I do that to him.

I don't expect much deep kissing between AJ and Ted though. I think that's something that will stay between AJ and I.

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At 3:12 PM, Anonymous megs said...

I ws crushed when I heard you would not be meeting us in Ventura and again at Closing Ceremonies. My sister is renting a mechanical bull for the post ride party. A mechanical bull and you will miss it. I will miss you but cannot wait to see AJ and spend a whole week with he and his threadless shirt collection.

At 10:54 PM, Blogger Rita said...

Huh. So you also like sabotaging kisses.

Poor AJ. I know that pain.


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