Tuesday, May 16, 2006


AJ and I are seeing ROSE MELBERG (formerly of TIGER TRAP GO SAILOR and THE SOFTIES) tomorrow. I'm extra excited, because she use to be friends with my friend RENEE back in St. Louis and i have this fantasy that I will be able to go up to her before or after the show and tell her that i am friends with RENEE and she'll get all excited, and ask how she is, and i'll give her RENEE's phone number and they end up talking, and it will instigate RENEE into writing songs again.

see RENEE use to be in this band called BUNNYGRUNT. she was the bass guitarist and she was what made the band interesting - she was never afraid of crunching on the distortion pedal or a little feedback. Her bandmates however were always trying to stick to the four on the floor pop structure formula. okay so i have a bit of bias, as i'm friends with her, and not with the other bandmates.

regardless, she was kicked out of the band and they went ahead and released an album of music that she recorded with them and was an integral part of (she played bass on all the tracks, wrote or contributed to writing all the songs and sang back up on everything on the CD), even though she never saw any of the royalty or got any credit. to this day i have never heard any of it because she was so upset about being kicked out of the band that I couldn't bring myself to buy it. which I don't blame her.

I was heartbroken to hear that she took her car and ran over the only remaining copy of the full complete album (with the tracks that she sang lead on, but were pulled from the official release of the CD). i still hope that somewhere, in the back of her closet, she has another copy and she'll hand it over to me. but probably not.

anyway i've been in and out of contact with RENEE since moving away from the midwest. she's a sweetheart that has had a lot of hard times but like The Jefferson, she's moving on up....

She's married and has a beautiful baby. which is SHOCKING to me, as the last time i talked to she was still living in CHICAGO with her potential fiance (i can't remember if they actually were engaged or not at that moment). the baby is 6 months old and RENEE is sounding pretty happy nowadays.

i do miss RENEE. and everytime i hear ROSE MELBERG i think of her. SO i'm excited about the show. But i know in my heart of hearts, RENEE will probably never write another song again - as the band experience was so traumatic for her, and she's closed that chapter of her life. which makes me sad. sadder than any song that ROSE can sing.

But i look foward to seeing ROSE in person. even if i don't get a chance to talk to her. even if she never calls RENEE, and even if RENEE doesn't ever sing or write another note. ROSE reminds me of sweeter, gentler, more innocent times. of hanging out with RENEE and going to the thrift stores, and listening to a lot of soft indie pop. of a time when there were infinite possiblities of what we could do with our lives.


At 6:27 AM, Blogger Rita said...

I love this post.

I would say that there are still infinite possibilities for what we can do with our lives. but ayyy. i guess you sorta established in this story that that's not true.

so maybe that is not an appropriate response.


At 1:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, what did Rose say?!

At 8:40 PM, Blogger jackhonky said...

As a followup, I did go and see ROSE MELBERG and she was super sweet. Turns out she also has a kid and was touring with her mom (who sang back up throughout her set - how awesome is that? having your mom sing back up while you sing all your songs?). I did get a chance to talk to her and tell her all about RENEE. though she did not offer to call RENEE she did fondly remember RENEE and hanging out with her and told me to tell her she said hello. I called RENEE yesterday to tell her and she was quite excited. I also tried to get her to start writing music again but she didn't seem to take me quite seriously. oh well. I'll just keep on trying I guess...

She did say that in her fantasy, she's on tour, and I'm singing backup for her. which cracks me up. I told her I'd be her roadie, but I so CAN NOT sing....

At 12:58 AM, Blogger schmumu said...

this is an interesting topic; what we used to (or still) dream of becoming. I've been thinking lately that we're at a crucial age . . . not too late to pursue stuff, but . .


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