Monday, May 15, 2006


i'm obsessed with GNARLS BARKLEY. and i'm pissed that i'm behind the times, and found out about them NOW and not TWO MONTHS AGO when they were unknown. see i gotta be in the know BEFORE everyone else, and somehow SOMEHOW i have missed the boat on them.

i don't know if i can do damage control and pretend that i knew about them ages ago (who them? yeah, i heard their album awhile ago but i got sick of it so i haven't listened to it in ages). BUT i can't stop listening to the single CRAZY and the rest of the album is pretty damn good too. well at least the part that i can get to. i keep on hitting the repeat button for CRAZY.

but here's the kicker. AJ doesn't like them. damn it. so i can only play it when he's not around. double damn.

checkit check them out and if you love them, pretend (in that ever so glib way) that they are SO old news.


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